Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reaching the 18-34 Male

A couple of years ago, my company sold one of their 6 radio stations. It was the alternative rock station that had been around for nearly 10 years. But as the years went by, the station's ratings went down and never recovered. There is a reason for that and this study sheds some light on the subject:

Research paints portrait of Men 18-34


Break Media, an online entertainment community for men, announced key findings of its research focused on helping advertisers understand men’s behavior online in order to maximize the potential of the online medium. According to the research, over two-thirds of men surveyed cannot live without the Internet when compared to television, supporting the notion that the Internet now rivals television as the primary destination for content consumption within this demographic.

The research, conducted by Hall and Partners, polled a nationally representative sample of more than five hundred males aged 18-34 who access the Internet at least once per month. It was designed to determine what male consumers (aged 18-34) are doing online, what their likes and dislikes are, how they respond to advertising on the Internet versus traditional media and what they think about online advertising in general. The findings also provide additional insight into the general psychographic profile of men aged 18-34 and best practices when it comes to targeting the male demographic.

The majority of men surveyed state that they often recall online advertising after their online experience has concluded. In fact, nearly half of respondents have purchased a product or service as a result of an online advertisement, demonstrating the impact of online adverting on buying decisions.

Contrary to commonly held industry perceptions, this demographic also proved to be very receptive to certain types of online advertising. According to the research, men aged 18-34 not only tolerate ads with a game or contest, but more than one-third of those polled actually like the experience. As the online ad industry evolves, it will be critical for advertisers to deliver advertising that is both fun and relevant for consumers.

Men’s Behavior Online
69% say they can’t live without the Internet, versus just 31% for television
63% have a smart phone and one in four use their mobile device to connect to the Web
40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week
36% say they can’t live without the Internet for socializing
33% say they can’t live without online entertainment
How Men Respond to Online Advertising

59% notice online ads
47% have purchased as a result of an online ad
35% like ads that allow them to play a game
34% like online ads that allow them to participate in a contest
With regards to general activity online, the research shows that males aged 18-34 spend upwards of 22 hours on the Internet per week, like to use the Internet for entertainment, and prefer to spend their time on the Internet over television.

In addition, the research shows 63% of men have a smart phone and one in four have used their mobile phone or wireless device to connect to the Internet. Mobile consumers are beginning to demand increased functionality and value-add from their mobile devices and consumer usage is likely to increase as providers offer more competitive services to access the Web. Therefore brands may be able to reach a more targeted and engaged audience via mobile with increasingly open mobile platforms and faster networks opening the door to this untapped market.

The survey also looked at top activities online, which include visiting social networking sites (63%), playing video games (60%), playing computer games (51%), forwarding links to online video (31%), reading blogs (31%), shopping (30%), commenting on online content (28%), and uploading photos to the Web (23%). Interestingly, the findings reinforce the significance of video games as a content genre for marketers seeking to reach and influence men online.

“Our research was a result of our desire to learn about our target demographic and what advertising appeals to them most,” said Keith Richman, CEO of Break Media. “We also wanted to be able to share this insight with our clients and partners so they can better target our audience and create ad campaigns that are more impactful and better able to achieve their advertising objectives.”

Making time for real women still trumps the Internet:
65% of young men are in a relationship
79% would rather meet a woman out on the town than online,
71% prefer a date with a hot girl to a poker game with the boys
74% would rather have sex than surf the Web

Men 18-34 see themselves as:
Conformist: Only 26% think they are trendsetters
Responsible: Only 18% agree that having fun is more important than being responsible
Green: 53% say they care about the environment
Social: 49% claim to have no trouble meeting new people; 51% like to spend as much time hanging out with friends as possible; only 20% said they valued appearance over personality when it comes to attraction
Adventuresome: 68% enjoy traveling to new places; 61% enjoy spending time out of doors
Laid-back: Only 38% say they live a fast-paced life
Not wellness-centric: 38% claim to lead a healthy lifestyle; however 45% say their appearance is very important to them

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