Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Today, I was working on a couple of projects that have resulted in nearly $4000 and in the long term will be worth at least 10 times that amount over the next few months. And it all began with a bit of action that I had placed on the back burner.

First some background info:

In the radio world, my stations are pretty young. We compete with established stations that have had the same format, or at least call letters and slogan for 10, 20, 50 years. My stations, in their current incarnation, are much younger than that. Youth can be good, yet when you are developing a business or a radio station, that depends on outside sales people, it can take time to get the right combination to make it all work.

In nearly 5 years, I have seen 3 different President/CEO's, about 8 different Sales Managers, and maybe 50 or so sales people attempt to do what I do. None of the 6 radio stations I started working for in 2003 are the same.

As a result of this change, a large number of businesses were contacted and perhaps even advertised with us sometime over the past few years and then their sales rep left and the business went by the wayside. (Even those of us that have been around for 5 years have lost track of former clients every once in awhile). In our organization, there are just two of us with that length of tenure in our building that handle sales.

So why is this post titled Action?

Because on Sunday I came into the office and looked to see what was on the back burner, made a couple of calls and sent 3 emails. Followed up on Monday, and the result is new business. All because of Action.

Not just my action. It was the actions of folks that I no longer work with, it was also the results of actions of one of those former CEO's and the results of actions of other radio stations in this town of mine that set things up so that my actions would have results. But you know what?

It ultimately was the result of my actions, that produced the results. I was the one that grabbed the old folders out of the box Sunday and took action. In this example, action is the opposite of procrastination.

What are you waiting for? Everything to be perfect? Someone will have to dust the cobwebs off your corpse one day, if that's the case.

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