Friday, March 23, 2007

A "Copy and Paste" from my e-mail today

Tip 71 - What to learn about a customer
In Never Eat Alone I shared the example of a CEO friend who, like me, was instilled with an undying work ethic from watching his father labor for forty-odd years. He attributes his success to following one simple but rigorous rule: Talk to at least fifty people each day.
Harvey Mackay, the all-time champion of common sense business advice, goes one step further, applying that rigor to getting to know each of those people who are key to our success. And now he shares his exact template for doing that.
It's extensive. Sixty-six prompts for information about a person, especially a customer. You might not use them all, but it's a great checklist to get you thinking of what to look for and remember when you are trying to understand someone and build a relationship.
And after the sixty-six prompts, which span eleven pages, the last line is bound to give you a laugh.
(Attach pages for additional notes if necessary)

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A final note: I don't mean to turn this newsletter into the "movie of the week" but I had to give you this news.
Best Buy is giving away tickets to next weekend's re-release of Peaceful Warrior, another of the most powerful movies I've seen in a long time.
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