Wednesday, March 22, 2006

R U Paying A 10 shun?

Wow, All the changes in so little time. I stopped in a coffee shop today and counted 11 people using laptops out of a total of 15 customers. 2 years ago, this place would occasionally have one laptop user. How is technology changing your life and the lives of your customers? 15 years ago my partner had a car phone in his Vette. So did the General Manager in his Benz. That was it. And yes I'm talking about the kind that was hard wired into the car with an antenna on the window. Now nearly everyone I know has a cell phone that they carry either to text message, or talk on, even take pictures with.
Will life as you know it today even be around in the next 5 years?

There are timeless truths about human behavior though, and if you know enough about the way we as humans act and interact then you can adapt to whatever the latest technology is. If you have not been reading Roy Williams material, check it out here and subscribe to his free Monday Morning Memo.

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