Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Did ya ever wonder...

I know, it sounds like Andy Rooney. But really, did you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? Everyone of us could find someone else in our profession that is more successful than us. Did you ever wonder how they became that darn successful?

Or did you ever wonder why some people fail? Take a look around and compare those successful people with those who fail and there is one big difference. No it wasn't a lucky break, or fate, or that they "knew somebody", or whatever. The answer is so simple.

Either they did the work that they needed to do, or..... or.... or they didn't. What work am I talking about? It all depends on the job. Go to most successful person in your organization and ask them how they got to be successful. Or more importantly, what habits are they following that are keeping them successful.

In my profession, it takes planning, action and follow through. Plus an honest evaluation every now and then. It all begins inside with the desire. Stephen Covey wrote a book and created an empire on habits, you can learn from him and others about habits, but be sure you take action too.

Finally I want to remind you about keeping our lives in balence. My other blog has an interesting and valuable lesson for me and you.

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