Thursday, June 05, 2008

Starbucks STILL Doesn't get it

If Starbucks would offer free wireless internet with no strings attached, they would get more of my coffee money.

But, I'm a multi-tasker that rely's on his laptop for work. When I can be out of the office and on line with a cup of coffee, I am. But not at Starbucks.

I'll go to Higher Grounds, the Firefly, or Dragons Keep, all local coffee shops that want me and my money.

Every single day, 7 days a week, I buy a coffee and depending on what time of day, or how close it is to mealtime, I spend more.

But while Starbucks thinks they are offering more, they're not. And it wouldn't cost them as much as they are losing from me and other coffee-shop laptop workers.

Here's the latest:

Lattes and laptops continue to mingle at Starbucks coffee shops, and computer users now can get two hours of free Wi-Fi Internet service at Starbucks stores across the country, thanks to a deal between the coffee retailer and AT&T.

Under the program, which began Tuesday, customers must buy a Starbucks rewards card with at least $5 value on it and sign up for the free Wi-Fi through Then, to keep the offer active, customers must use the card at least once a month.

The free Wi-Fi service is good for up to two hours a day, which must be used in a single session.

The Starbucks-AT&T deal, originally announced in February, is part of AT&T's expansion of its broadband and wireless services.

Subscribers to AT&T's wireless service get free Wi-Fi at any of AT&T's 17,000 hot spots across the country, with no time limit. And they can use the hot spots at Starbucks locations with no limit, without the need for a Starbucks card.

Starbucks and AT&T are working on a roll-out of AT&T Wi-Fi and will take the service to every Wi-Fi-enabled Starbucks location by the end of the year, according to a Starbucks statement.

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