Sunday, June 01, 2008

Marketing a Presidential Candidate

Maple Creative provides us with this post on political branding:

Logos of the presidential hopeful

As we all know, a presidential election is on the horizon. If you did not know this, you must have been asleep for the past several months.

So while the news anchors and late-night talk show hosts discuss the issues and the controversies, I have been busy checking out the things that matter…

The logos.

And I must say, I think Obama is winning in the logo department; at the very least he gets kudos for originality. The design feels hip and new, it doesn’t resemble presidential logos of the past. Plus there is a nice subliminal message… a new dawn on America.

Hillary goes with a three-star three-stripe flag streamer underlining her name. First name of course. It makes for an ok design, albeit a design I’ve seen a million times before. It’s not necessarily memorable. That, and "for president" seems like it was thrown in as an afterthought.

And McCain is topped with a military star growing yellow triangles. Ok, we get it already. You served in the military. I must admit that it is refreshing to see him step away from the red/white/blue palette that every candidate seems to use. It is also simple and to the point.

Regardless of who you are supporting for president I’d like to see what others think about the logo design of the candidates (and sorry to all the candidates I left out).

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