Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new old fashioned way to do business

Other titles to this post could have been, How to join a "Good Ole Boys" network, even if you're not a old (ole), or a boy. Or, How to cut the 6 degrees of separation down to 3.

The old fashioned Good Ole Boys would do business with each due to the trusted relationships and it was hard for outsiders to penetrate this network.

Over the years the concept of business networking has grown and ranges from informal groups to very structured international organizations. And they work, if you know how to get involved.

Recently John Dickmeyer of the Allen County Public Library interviewed three local business networking team captains, for a Public Access T.V. Show. This weekend I got a copy and loaded it onto YouTube, in three parts. Here's the TV Show on Business Networking featuring Andrew Zelt, Bob Norris and Paul Hawkins. Total length is 30 minutes.

Here's part 1:

Here's part 2:

And Here's part 3:

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