Monday, January 28, 2008

Fort Wayne Radio News

Just a quick note of changes on the local radio landscape as reported by the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly and delivered to my email:

Lee Tobin, current operations manager for Sarkes Tarzian radio stations WAJI and WLDE, will become general manager for the two stations later this year.

Tobin will replace Candace Wendling, current president and general manager. Wendling was with Sarkes Tarzian from 1965 to 1971, returning in 1983. She has been general manager since 1988. Tobin will assume the GM duties July 1 upon Wendling's retirement.

Tobin joined the radio group in 1985 as program director and morning-show host for WAJI. In 1993, when Sarkes Tarzian acquired WJLT, now WLDE, Tobin became operations manager of the two stations and program director of WLDE.

Also effective, July 1, Chris Didier will become program director for WLDE. Didier worked for the company between 1983 and 1986 and returned in 2000 as WLDE assistant program director, music director and midday air personality.

Congratulations to all. I worked on the air at WAJI a few years ago and every once in awhile run into Lee. I also have friends and former co-workers who work over there including Dr. Dave whom I have known since 1979!

While we compete for listeners and advertisers, we also need to stand united as radio still reaches a greater % of the population than nearly any other advertising medium, every week.

And this week, we will get the results of the fall Arbitron rating survey which is used by advertising agency to help them spend their clients money wisely.

Radio's Weekly Reach History

Year Average Weekly Reach Total Weekly Audience

2006 93% 230,417,000
2005 93% 228,910,000
2004 94% 228,211,000
2003 94% 224,649,000
2002 94% 223,253,000
2001 96% 225,568,000
2000 96% 217,491,000
1999 95% 213,478,000
1998 95% 212,520,000
1997 96% 210,320,000
1996 96% 209,288,000
1995 96% 208,123,000
1994 96% 202,351,000

Source: RADAR, Fall Survey Reports, Copyright Arbitron (Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours, based on Weekly Cume, 12+)

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