Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Marketing News from Mediapost

On my way to a Christmas party, while you click & read:

by Aaron Baar
"With the economy being down, a lot of people are staying at home and renting movies and popping popcorn because popcorn is a relatively inexpensive snack," Linda Segre, senior vice president of corporate and strategic communications for the company, tells Marketing Daily. "The category had been declining up until a year ago, and it's really been growing again." ... Read the whole story > >
by Karlene Lukovitz
In addition, the venues and types of marketing covered are being expanded to include video and computer games rated "EC" or early childhood; other video games that are age-graded on the label as being primarily child-directed, and cell phone and word-of-mouth advertising that is primarily directed to children under 12. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
The music videos, from artists in genres like metal, hip-hop, electro and new-disco, were produced by Scion and will be distributed via iTunes, and Scion's social media channels including Scion's just-launched lifestyle web site The videos will also be on Vimeo and other video sites and promotional DVDs. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karlene Lukovitz
"The types of non-voluntary [advertising] restrictions currently being advocated" -- including restricting ads to "tombstone" formats -- "are both unconstitutional and will do real harm to children by unnecessarily restricting truthful and non-deceptive food advertising," contends Dan Jaffe, EVP at the ANA. "The government can protect children and effectively combat childhood obesity without trampling on the First Amendment." ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
A new survey from American Express reports that many people will reward themselves for paring back on gifts with what it calls "party driven" spending. Some 69% plan to celebrate with friends or family, and 45% plan to attend parties. And 90% plan to make purchases for the occasion. Affluent people will spend $750, for example, and young professionals $470, on food, spirits and other festivities. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
Woods needs to be on his best behavior for the next few years. "Make things right with your wife -- even if she's your ex-wife. Grow up. Be a better father," says The Marketing Arm's Chris Anderson. "Finally, get back on the course and win some tournaments. Nothing will make people forget about this mess faster than if you win. Look at Kobe. Sorry, Tiger, no quick fixes here." ... Read the whole story > >
Sony, Real D Ink 3-D Agreement

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