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First in a series from Jim Meisenheimer:

Start Selling More Newsletter
Issue 420

StartSelling more

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The Ulimate Sales Tip

I'm sitting at an American airlines gate waiting to
board flight 1679 to Chicago.

Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to do a one half day
sales training program for a dental manufacturing company -
a program I've done 28 times for them.

I was reading a chapter out of a copywriting course
titled, "127 More Secrets Of Direct Mail."

Then it happened.

I got to number 123.

It grabbed me by the lapels of my sports jacket.

It really throttled me.

It caught me by surprise.

It wasn't an entirely new concept for me.

It was the words. It was the language. It was
exceptional because of its brevity.

Simply brilliant!

These words will surely linger for a long time,
like a burning ember.

Look, if you're an entrepreneur or a professional
sales person you might want to type these words
on a 3 x 5 card and get it laminated. You do not
want to forget this sales tip or these powerful

The plane's pulling back from the gate and we're
now headed to Chicago, and I'm writing this
feverishly, so I can capture the essence and the
power of what I just read.

It's so simple - why didn't I think of stringing
these three words together? So, even though I didn't
invent these words I can still share them with you.

Well - here's the secret # 123.

"Don't sell - SOLVE!"

Let me repeat this for you, "Don't sell - SOLVE.

So you might be wondering what's involved in the

Don't talk and tell - ask questions and listen.
It's that simple.

Based on my observations most salespeople do not
ask quality sales questions.

It's been said, you can tell the quality of your
sales questions by the quality of the responses
you get.

If you're serious about asking better sales questions
you should take a look at my 12 best questions to
ask customers.

Boy - do they ever work!

Go here to learn more about my 12 best questions.

This is the ultimate sales tip and you don't ever
want to forget it.

"Don't sell - SOLVE

Favorite Quote

Lower your voice and people will strain to listen.

George Patton

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Start selling more today and everyday . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

21 years . . .

522 customers . . .

72.7% repeat business . . .

P.S. - "Don't sell - SOLVE" using my 12 best questions to ask customers.

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