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Start Selling More Newsletter
Issue 421

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Selling Benefits

The last time I wrote about the Ultimate Sales Tip. In that
article, I mentioned I found some inspiration from a
copywriting course I was re-reading.

I'm guessing most entrepreneurs and professional salespeople
have little or no interest in improving their copywriting

And that's too bad because copywriting is merely salesmanship
in print. A lot of what you see in print can be used when
you're selling face-to-face.

Trust me on this one because I do it all the time and so
can you if you're receptive to the idea.

As I plow through this workbook they have a chapter on
selling benefits.

Everybody and his brother realizes that people buy
benefits not features.

Every entrepreneur or a professional sales person knows
this - however most of you only talk about features.

There are reasons why you do this. The features are the
basic facts about your products and services.

Of course what's the first thing you learn about a new
product - yup, the basic facts.

Features are all plain Jane facts. Things like size,
dimensions, color, horsepower, lumens, mpg, cast iron,
16 oz. etc.

Benefits are an acquired taste. They require imagination.
They demand some thinking time.

Benefits have to be crafted carefully so they link
emotionally to specific features.

The copywriting course offers several examples of
straightforward features and statements that sizzle
with benefits.

Selling benefits isn't easy and doesn't come naturally
to most salespeople.

Try this on for size and see how well you do.

Here are four features of a #2 pencil.

1. The pencil has one end capped With a rubber eraser.

2. The eraser is attached with a metal band.

3. The pencil is 7 1/2 inches long.

4. The pencils are sold by the dozen.

There you have it - four factual statements about a
#2 pencil.

So take a minute and write a benefit that sizzles for
each of these features.

Not easy huh!

Next time I'll give you examples of well-written benefit
statements for these features.

Please don't underestimate the relative importance of
selling benefits.

It's the hooks and loops of professional selling. It's
like Velcro - it's made to stick.

The feature is always about the product, whereas the
benefit is always about how the customer gains from
using your product.

In my book, 47 Ways To Sell Smarter, I have a chapter
devoted to this subject, titled "Two Words That Make
Your Benefits Sizzle

eBook version or paperback

Chances are if you're not using these words you're
probably not selling benefits. You're leaving a lot
of money on the table.

You'll start selling more as soon as you start offering
more benefits.

Favorite Quote

That which costs little is less valued.


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