Saturday, September 05, 2009


Craig Garber:

It's a fact. More accidents, more crime, and more
excitement goes on during the weekend than the rest of the

It's bad enough that you have to take risks when you leave
the house, but one thing you really need to be mindful of
is the amount of risk, or perceived risk, you're making
your prospects take.

Especially new prospects who aren't familiar with you.

Minimizing your customer's risk isn't just something you
hear bantered about because "people say you should do it,"
it's something you really need to pay close attention to.

Especially nowadays when it comes to ordering stuff online.
And especially if you've never done business with a
prospect, or if you're new in business in general, you
really want to make people feel at ease about working with

So let's talk about a couple of ways of doing this:

1. Testimonials. Most people think testimonials just
credentialize your product, but they also speak to your
integrity and your work ethic. That's why they're so
important. And that's also why having "big name"
testimonials isn't enough.

See, your prospects aren't stupid. They know if some
big-name guru gives you a testimonial, that guru didn't
spend one thin dime with you. In fact, in many instances,
you effectively paid them! So while the quality of your
product MIGHT be represented, your business ethics aren't.

If you'll notice, the lion's share of the testimonials I
have all over my website are from regular entrepreneurs.
People slugging it out and fighting the good fight every
day just like you and me. These are the folks who
scrutinize things under a microscope.

Passing their test means a lot, because I'm not "hooking
them up" with jack! They're paying their way and they're
working hard for their money so they aren't messing

2. Guarantees. When you give a guarantee, you effectively
reduce your prospect's financial risk down to zero.

I have yet to see a client of mine NOT make more money by
giving a stronger or longer guarantee.

And frankly, if you aren't giving a guarantee, a customer
has to start wondering, "Why not?"

I give very liberal guarantees on my products, and when my
book comes out later on this month, I'm so convinced it's
going to be one of the most incredible manuals ever
released, I'm actually going to be offering a Lifetime
Guarantee on it! (sign up for the early-release and get
three free chapters of "How To Make Maximum Money With
Minimum Customers" at )

Oh sure, we'll get a couple of weasels who'll try and rip us
off, but I don't care about them. I care about the
thousands and thousands of people who don't know me or have
never ordered anything from me, who are looking for some
kind of genuine reassurance about what they're spending
their money on.

These people are VERY important to me and I want them to be
as comfortable doing business with me, as they'd feel if
they were walking into my corner store and shaking my hand
in person.

Keep these simple, yet critically important things in mind
when it comes to dealing with your customers -- especially
new ones.

Oh, and never drink and drive.

Have a great weekend and...

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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