Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Spots

from Skip Anderson:

The Sweet Spot of Selling


Salespeople will have the most opportunity to influence decisions with those who are "on the fence." These are the prospects that could go either way and either become a buyer or not become a buyer.

Many salespeople waste time and energy on prospects who are at either end of the "likely to buy / not likely to buy" spectrum instead of those in the center (what I call the "sweet spot"). But this is a strategic sales error for most sales situations. Fence-sitters are the prospects that give a salesperson an opportunity for a high performance sales career. A weaker salesperson will focus on the hard-to-sell types, or the buy-for-sure types. But this is a miscalculation that has limited sales results for many.

We only have limited time and resources. Therefore, we have to spend our influence time on those that are most likely to reap sales results. The "very likely to buy" crowd will take care of themselves and usually require minimal energy and resources from a sales representative. The "not likely to buy" group can suck the life out of a sales career.

Do you want to be influential with your prospects? Spend your time and energy in the sweet spot of selling.

Skip Anderson is the Founder and President of Selling to Consumers Sales Training. He works with companies and individuals who sell to consumers in B2C, retail, in-home selling, and the financial, real estate, and insurance markets.

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