Monday, August 31, 2009

Marketing Guru's on Twitter

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12 Social Media Marketing Gurus to Follow on Twitter
If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or just someone who’s looking to build your following with social media, there are a lot of web resources available to you to help you beat the competition. You’ll find news articles and blog posts devoted to social media marketing, but if you really want to find out the best secrets to building your brand and attracting online attention, why not head to social media sites themselves? The real experts share their tips on Twitter, and by following these 12 social media marketing gurus, you’ll receive a constant, daily stream of advice.
1. @GuyKawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of Alltop, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, a former Apple fellow and the author of nine books. Follow Guy’s stream for insightful tips for using Twitter and the Internet as strategic marketing tools.
2. @Mashable: Mashable founder Pete Cashmore is on top of all kinds of technology trends and frequently shares links and tips that help out everyday entrepreneurs, designers, writers and other freelancers who depend on social media for business.
3. @Engagingbrand: Anna Framery is a UK-based social media expert who tweets news stories about social media companies as well as social networking techniques of the pros.
4. @CarlosHernandez: Carlos Hernandez is helping baby boomers get used to social media. He shares lots of practical advice for networking, hacking social media sites so that they work best for your needs, and more.
5. @mediaphyter: The mediaphyter is really Jennifer Leggio, social business blogger for ZDNet.
6. @Scobleizer: Robert Scoble tweets from California about social media and Twitter in particular.
7. @chrisbrogan: Follow Chris Brogan if you want to see an example of effective Twitter networking.
8. @dwestjr: Daulton West, Jr.’s feed is supremely devoted to sharing Facebook, Twitter and other social media tips to boost your business.
9. @ev: This feed comes from the CEO of Twitter.
10. @ChadALevitt: This young sales 2.0 author and social media guru has tips for tweaking your business and marketing plan to keep up with the techie revolution.
11. @charleneli: Charlene is the founder of the Altimeter Group, and she has advice for business leaders who want to learn how to use social media.
12. @SocialMediaWonk: Drew Selman is a self-proclaimed social media evangelist.
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