Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 Steps to Improvement

From a recent email:

Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip

"6 Ways to Boost Your ROI in 2009"
Submitted by Alight Interactive

Entrepreneurs are known for accomplishing great things with limited resources. If you want to do the same thing, here are six easy tips you can implement right now to maximize every dollar of your marketing budget.

1. Visualize and plan
Poor planning can skyrocket your campaign expenses and slash your return on investment (ROI). Visualize what you want to accomplish and identify your bud get and timeline. Read more.

2. Segment your target market
An average campaign generates a 1-3% response rate, so to increase the total number of leads generated, you can either increase your list size or improve your response rate through better segmentation. Read more.

3. Clean up your list
The average bounce rate from a direct mail campaign is 5-20%, depending on the industry you target. Read more.

4. Seek a direct response to your Website
A critical but often overlooked component of every marketing campaign is a call-to-action. What exactly do you want the prospect to do? Read more.

5. Follow up with prospects
Have a follow-up plan in place for when a prospect responds. It is vital to act quickly while the interaction is still fresh in the prospect's mind. Read more.

6. Leverage Web Analytics to measure your results
Through web analytics, you can learn a lot from past campaigns. Web analytics allows you to get beyond open rates and response rates to real ROI based on an action. Read more.

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