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There is no overnight success

It is a myth. I dare you to find a true success that took 24 hours to accomplish. In the meantime, read this wisdom:

It’s About Time

-Make Your Marketing a Process, Not an Event-
by Al Lautenslager
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What two things do the following quotes have in common:

“I did a mailing once and never got any business.”
“I attended a chamber of commerce once and never got any business.”
“I sent a press release once and never got published in the newspaper.”

The first thing that they have in common is that these are actual quotes that I have heard from business owners, entrepreneurs or independent business professionals. The second thing they have in common is they all use the word, “once.”

Doing something once is an event. Doing it over and over again is a process. You should view your marketing as a process, i.e. doing it over and over again.

The reason those entrepreneurs made the statements above, is because they viewed marketing as an event. You’ve heard me say it before and I will say for the purpose of this article: Marketing is made up of many, many, many things working together over and over. This certainly implies a process.

The famed direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy professes big time, the use of sequential mailings. His recommendation that has been proven over and over and over is a series of three mailings that have crafted messages with irresistible offers. Other pundits say it takes 6-8 times to touch a prospect before they get in purchase readiness mode. In other words, 6-8 times to be at the top of their mind’s awareness so when it does come time for the prospect to want or need your product, they think of you.

I many times will show up at a networking event and receive the comment, “I see you everywhere.” What is meant by this statement is that they see me at networking events, they see our company’s name in the paper as a result of a press release, they seem me present a seminar on direct marketing or guerrilla marketing and they might have received a postcard or letter from me. If you count these touches up, I have touched a prospect at least 4 or 5 times. I have included them in my marketing process on purpose. They think they see me everywhere because I put my marketing messages where my target market happens to be and I do this over and over and over; a true marketing process.

Do I get business when I hear that comment? Not necessarily but I know that my marketing is at work, it is one more touch and when it comes time for that person
to want or need my services, they are going to think of that person or company that they, “see everywhere.”

Don’t get discouraged if you implement one of your marketing initiatives and the response is lower than you expected. Do it again. The response will go up. Plan your marketing out so there is this sense of repetitiveness.

Jay Conrad Levinson, my co-author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, told me one time that 90% of marketing decisions are made with the subconscious mind. The way to approach and get into this subconscious mind is through repetition. This has been proven by the researchers and the practitioners. I have noticed it in my own direct mail program and when I network.

It also goes back to Direct Sales 101. There you learn that it takes 6 times to contact a prospect before they are ready to purchase and most sales people stop after 3. Look at the gap of potential business represented here. Marketing is the same way. I literally have gotten business from prospects that come to me after many many months of mailing and they tell me, “You have been mailing something to me every month for the past year, its time we do business.” This would have never happened if I would have stopped my mailings at 3.

Plan your marketing out, keep these touches and repetitiveness in mind, put your activity on a calendar and measure the increased activity as you work through your marketing process.

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