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Social Media Demo Update

Got this from this week. Click on the charts to make them BIGGER.

College Women Blog, Use SocNets More

College students are four times more likely to blog than all online adults, and the popularity of blogging among this demographic is being driven largely by women who are three times more likely to blog than their male counterparts, according to a study by Anderson Analytics’ GenX2Z.

Partial findings from the 2009 US College Student Report also reveal that students - and women in particular - are heavy users of social networks:

  • Facebook, which is the most popular overall in terms of use and frequency of visits, remained the #1 social-networking website among college students this year after overtaking MySpace in 2007. More than 80% of students use Facebook compared with 40% for MySpace. Facebook is also used more often with 74% of students accessing the site at least once a week.


  • MySpace has continued to drop in ranking and is currently in fourth place after #2 Google and #3 Yahoo, which both offer additional services to students. Three new sites this year also made the list among the college top-10: LiveJournal, Amazon, and CNN.
  • LiveJournal which is now in 6th place after YouTube, is indicative of how blogging is catching on among students, the survey found.
  • LinkedIn, which has a much older member base, is starting to catch on among 10% of students.

The survey also found that in addition to blogging more, college women significantly outnumber men in their use and frequency of top social networks.


“We were surprised to see how blogging has gained in popularity among college students” said Tom H. C. Anderson, founder and managing partner of Anderson Analytics, who offered insight on the tendency of college students to blog vs. the general online population. “From our other research we know that among online adults, only about 13% read blogs and 3% have their own blog.”About the survey: The Anderson Analytic’s GenX2Z 2009 US College Student Report has tracked college students’ attitudes and behaviors since 2005. This year’s report put special focus on social media - including blogs and social network services . The survey contains several open ended questions which allow unaided insight into which advertisements, brands, and websites are most important among students. Results are then coded using advanced text analytics.

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