Saturday, December 13, 2008

Less is More

From Drew:

The more important your message, the less you should say

Posted: 08 Dec 2008 10:49 PM CST

10018943 My daughter will be 16 next summer. Which means she sends a lot of text messages. It also means I send a lot of text messages. When in Rome...

One truth I have discovered is that even in that abbreviated medium, it's easy to be long-winded.

For every sentence I text, her retention and response gets shorter. The briefer I am, the more attention she pays and the more importance she seems to assign to my message.

If I really want an answer to a specific question or really want her to hear me about something, I use a single sentence. Then, I get her full attention.

Boy, is there a marketing lesson in that.

The more copy you use to deliver your messages...the less important they seem. The more messages you shove into a single ad, blog post or brochure -- the more likely your big message will be lost in the blur.

When it really matters....say less.

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