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Yeah, it's Friday night, first night of a three day weekend and I'm posting something from my email from Jim Meisenheimer.

Read it and you'll see why:

Hooked On Selling

I’m hooked on selling, how about you?

Ever since I was a kid selling subscriptions for my Newsday paper route on Long Island, I knew I was meant to sell.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t always been easy. Even with my paper route, I had to deal with a sinister looking Mr. Kuhl.

With those two missing front teeth and the glassy eyed look he had, he was always pushing me to get more orders. Sure I enjoyed selling and delivering the papers. And I really liked winning the prizes for winning the contests.

I didn’t realize this until many years later - but selling really isn’t selling.

Selling today is not about convincing and persuasion. It’s about helping buyers make good buying decisions. In fact, the more you try to convince and persuade, the more pushback you get – at least that’s been my experience.

I’m still hooked on selling!

The road to selling success is loaded with bumps, curves and potholes and you have to deal with all of them.

In one of my first sales positions, working for Baxter Healthcare and selling laboratory supplies, I remember calling on General Food’s Research Facility in Tarrytown New York.

I was young, cocky, and full of myself and determined to be successful. So, when I walked into the General Food’s main lobby, I asked Felicia, the receptionist, if I could speak to Brian N. – the purchasing agent.

She called him. He came out. He was a big guy. He was a really big guy and kinda walked real slow because of the weight he was carrying.

He motioned me over to a sofa. I enthusiastically reached out to shake his hand as I was introducing myself.

He then proceeded to burst my bubble.

He said, “So you’re with Scientific Products.”

I said, “Yes sir!”

He said without any hesitation, “We don’t buy anything from your company. As a matter of fact the only time would we even consider buying something from your company, is if we desperately needed it and there was no place else on the planet earth to get it.”

I was in shock.

Before I could say anything, he stood up and turned away from me and walked through the swinging doors back to his office.

What an experience. Felicia looked at me with what had to be an “I’m so sorry you had to experience that look.”

Well just remember this. Sometimes you have to be patient.

We had zero business when I inherited the account. Brian stuck to his guns and we had zero business during the first year I called on the General Foods.

Sometimes you have to wait until someone retires. Sometimes you have to wait until someone dies to get your foot in the door.

Well about a year after Brian met with me, for the one and only time, he retired. A year later he died.

And another year later, General Foods was my second largest account.

That’s why I’m hooked on selling.

What other job pays you according to your productivity – your sales?

What other job pays you what your worth – yup, in sales you’re paid what your worth?

What other job literally let’s you run your own business – for the most part?

That’s why I’m hooked on selling.

Selling is easy when you work hard at it.

Obviously selling isn’t the right cup of tea for everybody.

If you’re determined to achieve success for you and your family . . .

If you aspire to bigger and better things . . .

If you like to set and achieve goals . . .

And if you love the adrenalin rush you get when closing the sale . . .

And if you can accept the fact, “You can’t win them all . . .”

You can get hooked on selling too!

Finally, to be hooked on selling you gotta be hooked on learning. I have some great ideas on how you can double your sales without quadrupling your effort.

Go here to find out how!

Start selling more today and everyday . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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512 customers . . .
83.3% repeat business . . .

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