Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blogs are Real

After having fun with videos and Burger King Pictures comes a reminder that if you use this thing called the internet, be responsible for your actions.

Actually, it is good advice in all areas of your life.

Former Fort Wayne newspaper writer Nancy Nall lives in my old stomping grounds in Michigan and Friday did some investigating. In a matter of hours, a major story about plagiarism broke out resulting in someone losing their White House job.

Anthony Juliano writes about it with plenty of click able links.

This is a reminder that it is important to cross link, to give credit, to be honest and not steal other peoples words and work, etc. I am careful to do these things and you should too.

This is the new media, and like the old media, there is power. Don't abuse it, get used to it. Now there's some wisdom for all of us.

By the way. The above photo of Nancy is from :

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