Thursday, February 28, 2008

Targeting your Advertising

Earlier today I wrote about Matching. Click here for details.

And here's a story about how the newspaper biz can fine tune their advertising efforts:

New Tool Can Go Sub-ZIP Level For Newspaper Ads
Ad Age
A media-buying firm says it can now buy print ads at a sub-ZIP code level. Interpublic's Newspaper Services of America claims to have developed a new analytical tool that can help its clients -- which include Home Depot, Sears, CVS and Bridgestone -- target consumers even more narrowly on a geographic basis than has been possible to date.

The tool lets advertisers that use major newspapers to blanket a whole metro area focus more precisely on individual neighborhoods so they can hone in on the homes of their most-desired customers via a combination of newspaper zoned editions, inserts, direct mail, shoppers and other publications, says NSA Media Chief Development Officer Craig Desens.

While that could be bad news for slumping newspapers that have benefited from widespread buys, Desens notes it could also bring in new business. - Read the whole story...

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