Thursday, February 28, 2008

What does it take to BEAT Commercial Skippers?

The Wall Street Journal has the answer...

Creative commercials.

But let me add to that.

Creativity only gets results if your company is remembered.

Try this experiment.

Next time you are watching a show, record it too.

When the show is over, write down as many commercials as you can remember and list them by the company or product.

Then review the tape. Fast Forward to the commercials and see how well you did. Actually it's how well the advertisers did.

Here's the story from the WSJ:

Why DVR Viewers Recall Some TV Spots

NBC Study Tracks
What Is Absorbed
In Fast Forward
February 26, 2008; Page B5

What do Matt Damon and an animated piece of phlegm have in common? Viewers seem to remember them especially well, according to a new test that measured what people recall about TV ads, even when they're zapping through them.

The test is part of a continuing effort by General Electric's NBC Universal to measure the effectiveness of television ads that viewers skip through with their digital video recorders. The bottom line: Viewers still remember the spots -- or at least some elements of them -- even when they're watching at up to six times the speed of regular live TV. (READ MORE)

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