Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Developments to keep an "I" on

And the "I" is the Internet.

This week I met with a Business Owner of an Information Technology firm that is hard to find on the internet. That's not just an inconvenience, that's a BIG Mistake.

If you type "Scloho" into Google, or Yahoo, or the new MSN Live Search, you'll get 1,230 results on Google, 857 results on Yahoo, and 68 on MSN. Most importantly, every listing on the first page of search results, is really about me.

That's why I chose Scloho instead of my name Scott Howard since there are more Scott Howard's out there in the world than ScLoHo's. (Recently I found someone in Russia using the name Scloho on ebay.) Scloho started out as a yahoo mail id based on my initials about a dozen years ago, and has grown from there. Now I use Scloho and my name in tandem as a branding technique.

But enought about me, let's look at some news of what is on the horizen for marketing and advertising on the internet that relates to YOU:

First this news about Yahoo!:

Yahoo Announces Plan for New Ad-Selling Platform
Yahoo announced ambitious plans to simplify and centralize the online advertising industry through the launch of a new platform that the company claims will provide publishers with the ability to sell ad inventory across the Internet while also streamlining the more labor intensive processes of the business like trafficking and inventory management. During a keynote presentation at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., Yahoo president Sue Decker spoke about the company “trying to revolutionize the online advertising industry” and “making ad operations sexy.” Mediaweek's Mike Shields reports. more »

There's also this news about on line advertising spending:

IAB: Web Ad Spend Up $6 Bil. in 2007
The online advertising business enjoyed another record quarter as 2007 came to a close, as spending approached $6 billion during the fourth quarter of last year, according to the latest joint report issued by The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The $5.9 billion quarter represented a 24 percent increase versus the fourth quarter of 2006, a tick below the 25 percent surge in spending the industry enjoyed in 2007 as a whole, which saw dollars reach $21.1 billion, according to the report. Mediaweek's Mike Shields reports. more »

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