Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turn off the Tech?

from Pat Mcgraw:

2 Key Ingredients to Profitable Sales

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 06:00 AM PST


Searching for ways to attract more first time buyers and motivate current customers to buy more on a regular basis?

Don’t fall into the trap that so many businesses fall into on a regular basis – don’t get fixated on shiny objects like CRM or Marketing Automation or social media…

Focus on the basics. Get back to the simple life. Remember, great businesses existed before computer technology and the web…and they really can exist in today’s world because great businesses focus on three main factors.

Know your target audience. My grandfather ran a liquor store when I was a kid. He knew the people in the neighborhood on a first name basis. He knew their likes and dislikes. He asked them questions and listened for the answers before he placed product orders – then, when the customer came into the store, my grandfather would ask them to try the product and let him know if they liked it.

Consistently offer a unique, valuable solution to an unmet need. Ever watch Cheers? You know what brought Norm and the gang together in that bar every day? It was the experience. You can get a beer at any bar in town – but you can’t get that warm feeling of community without an owner working hard to make you feel special. So the next time you find yourself less than enthused by a customer’s demands…

Notice that there is no focus on technology in these two very basic concepts. It’s about people working with people. Talking and listening. Responding in a unique way that delivers value.

People buy from people. They buy from people they trust. People they like.

Sure, there are times when we order products from a company – because we’re in a hurry. But most of us enjoy personal interaction with a friendly individual that makes buying fun.

What about you? Do you like going to a store where you are treated like a customer – or do you like being treated like a person?

Next time you start thinking about spending all that money on technology or hiring staff that can run your blog, Facebook page and Twitter account…ask yourself if that’s the best way to invest your resources or if you need to get everyone focused on the people you are trying to serve.

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