Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Intelligent Tweeps

I have had a sneaking suspicion that if you took the I.Q. of Facebook users and compared them to Twitter users, Twitter users would score higher.

So last week I launched a two question survey on Survey Monkey and promoted it exclusively on Twitter.

(I realize that most of the folks on Twitter also have a Facebook account, but the opposite is not true. I am not a fan of Facebook, but I am there because of the massive number of people who are there.)

Of course this is unscientific for many reasons, but at least for the people who responded in the past 6 days, I see a tendency to be more computer literate, which is one way of gauging I.Q.

Let's look at the first question and the results:

Simply by choosing Firefox or Chrome, as their favorite internet browser, demonstrates a knowledge of these options and knowledge that Windows Internet Explorer, which has maintained a 50% to 90% lead by the general public, is not the best or safest way to hop on line.

UPDATE: Due to a request to "source my info on the general public" I'm adding this link.

With the second question, it gave those taking the survey to mention as many as they use and you'll see that Explorer and Chrome were being used too, but often times to simply check for compatibility issues since so many people use Explorer, and because Chrome is an up and coming option.

And for further proof, check out some of the comments:

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