Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Your Health

from my email:

Sales Tip #107

Dated: 03 December,2010

One tip about health: the salesperson, to be successful, must have a strong, healthy body full of energy; a clear, logical mind capable of accurate reasoning; and a strong, emotional nature that can feel and inspire enthusiasm. Ask yourself – am I healthy? Am I capable of thinking logically? Can I control my emotions?

A person who is well-organized, healthy and energetic is already on the path to success. A healthy outlook like this displays one’s state of mind and ensures that they are better equipped to act fast and think on their feet when it comes to challenging sales presentations. Also, people are far more open and responsive to someone who is impeccably turned out and presentable. Your ability to be organized and efficient will go a long way in aiding your success in sales. Adopt a healthy attitude to yourself and to your career and you’ll see the difference it makes to your financial success.

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