Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Unexpected

From my email:

Surprise the Customer

This is something to add to your customer appreciation strategy.
Surprise the customer. Make them say "Wow!"

This can be as easy as sending a birthday card or a holiday gift.
Maybe you just pick up the phone and unexpectedly "check in" with
your customer. You might send a surprise gift - nothing
extravagant. Just a small "something" to show you are thinking
of the customer. A very powerful idea is to send a card for
something personal. For example your customer may tell you that
he/she has a big anniversary coming up or their son or daughter
is due to graduate. Sending a card for those types of event
shows how well you listen. I can assure you they will be

One of my favorite things is to find an article in a magazine or
newspaper, tear it out and send it to the customer with a note
saying you thought of him/her when you saw this.

The bottom line is that customers like to be remembered and

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