Friday, April 17, 2009

Media Consumption

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Arbitron/Edison Infinite Dial Study Released
Yesterday Arbitron and Edison Research released the Infinite Dial 2009 study. These are the highlights:

· The weekly online Radio audience has again exploded in the last year, to about 42 million Americans aged 12+.

· One in five Americans aged 25- to 54-years-old listen to online Radio on a weekly basis -- an all-time high.

· Awareness of both satellite Radio companies remains essentially flat for the third year in a row at around 60 percent.

· Online Radio is showing up in the Arbitron ratings, thanks to Portable People Meter (PPM) measurement.

· An astounding 69 million Americans viewed online video in the last week.

· About 42 percent of Americans 12+ owns some kind of MP3 player; the vast majority of them own an Apple iPod or iPhone.

· The growth in MP3 player ownership is now fueled by adults.

· Social networking is a rapidly growing phenomenon among Americans of all ages.

The complete study is available from or

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