Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ask for the Sale

From Art Sobczak:

My Mind Was In the Gutter, and He Got the Sale

Needed my home gutters cleaned, so I went
to the classified section of the paper and called
four of the advertisers and told each that

"I needed my gutters cleaned."

I did NOT say I was shopping, or looking for
the lowest price.

Each gave me their price, then was silent.

The first one who asked for the business was
going to get it.

Which happened to be the last one.

"It will be $65. I can be there tomorrow, OK?"


If you handle calls where inquirers call for
information such as availability and price quotes,
make it a point to always ask for the sale before
you hang up. They're going to buy from someone
(Why would they call otherwise?) It should be
from you.

Too often I'll hear reps handle calls, burn trails
through the company looking for specific information,
and then provide it to the caller. The rep waits
passively, then they hear,

"Oh, OK, well, I'll get back to you. It looks pretty good."

Instead, make it a habit to say,

"Yes, we have that in stock. It's only $496. How many
should I ship you."

Or, if the request requires work on your part and you'll
need to get back to the caller, ensure you're not working
for free.

"I'll be happy to check this for you. Tell me about your
project. How does this fit in?"

Get them talking about their situation. After learning
more, should you even decide the work will be worth
the effort, ask them,

"Great, after I find this for you, assuming it's satisfactory,
how many will you be getting from us?"

Then you can ask, "So, what would be satisfactory?"

It's tough enough to find opportunities. Be sure you are
taking advantage of the ones that show up at your door
with money to spend. Help them get what they want--
from you.

"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and
empty hearts can do that."

Norman Vincent Peale


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