Sunday, March 01, 2009

Linked In as a sales tool

Last year I became active with On the right side of this page is a free book from Jill Konrath that tells you how to use it to your advantage in your sales career. She also sent this last week:

Why you should misspell your last name on LinkedIn - and other important LinkedIn strategies you may be overlooking

Posted: 25 Feb 2009 06:53 AM PST

Are you still trying to figure on how to get LinkedIn to work for you?

If so, then you need to meet Patrick O'Malley. He's a true LinkedIn Wizard who has helped me take my profile to the next level. Check out this video.

Click here to learn more about Patrick O'Malley, his LinkedIn expertise, coaching & training programs. He has more great articles, videos and tips on his website.

Also, if we're not connected on LinkedIn yet, send me an invite and mention this blog post. I'll accept your invitation in a nanosecond.

Here's my LinkedIn profile:

And my LinkedIn profile is

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