Monday, September 01, 2008

Marketing Tools from the THINKing Blog

I was cleaning out emails recently and noticed several that I flagged for this website for a future date.

Well the future is now, right now:

Cool Marketing Tools

Photo Courtesy of Morguefile
Here are a few marketing tools and resources I’ve come across recently.

The first is the complete Zip Code Index, a detailed ressource containing more than 42,000 US Zip Codes, along with their associated demographic and geographic attributes. There is no cost to download it.

Can’t get enough of Web 2.0? Well, then Go2Web20 - which bills itself as the complete Web 2.0 directory - is for you.

HubSpot provides a couple of useful tools for online marketing and PR folks. First is the Website Grader, a free tool that judges the marketing effectiveness of websites. Their new tool is Press Release Grader. Although I have a few quibbles wiht it, it is stil a good first pass on a release to make sure you have covered the basics.

Here are a couple of Twitter-related tools. Tweetbeep lets you know when a keyword you have registered is being tweeted about. I’ve been using Summize a lot lately to search Tweets related to My Creative Team. Want to tweet about something in the future but schedule it now? Then, TweetLater is for you.

Want to know what gas prices are doing, how your sports team is faring, or what your competitors are up to? Want to get your daily horoscope, or need to set up reminders? Alerts is the service for you.

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