Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Internet & Advertising

How do they mix and mingle?

Other experts are still perplexed but I have some easy to understand answers for you by clicking here.

And here's a story from Adweek:

» The Failure of Web Advertising
Advertiser budgets are moving online. But the fact remains that few ad formats, outside of paid search, have proven very effective. Scott Karp points this out as an indictment of the tendency to port over traditional formats to the interactive space. "Why do traditional advertising formats fail on the web?" he writes. "Because people have no patience for them, as they did in traditional media, where we were habituated to looking at print ads or watching TV commercials." Even worse, advertisers reaction to low response rates has been to bombard users with more ads, something Karp equates to spam. He arrives at an uncontroversial solution, although leaves out the details of how it will happen: "Online advertising must create value for users or it will create little or no value for advertisers." more »

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