Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Entertainment Stats

One of the fun things to do when you get research data is to compare it with your own life. So, at the end of this, I'll put a personal spin on the following 5 facts:

Volume 2 Issue 5
May 28, 2008

Cable TV prices have increased 77% since 1996, roughly double the rate of inflation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Consumers are watching 59% more hours of video-on-demand programming in 2008 than they did in 2007, with 36% more titles available, reports Rentrak.


The average American Idol participant voted via text message 38 times during the show's seventh season in April 2008, according to Nielsen.


Nearly 16% of American households have given up their landline phone, while three in ten Americans age 18-24 (31%) live in a wireless-only household, reports the National Center for Health Statistics.


Almost half of every discretionary dollar (48%) spent by mothers on their children goes to entertainment-related categories such as toys, board games, leisure activities, books, music, movies, videogames, consumer electronics, subscriptions and events/concerts, says NPD.

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#1. When they bundle services like cable tv, phone and Internet in one bill, we don't notice the price increases

#2. This past weekend, we started to watch the movie August Rush from the On Demand service from Comcast for $4.99, but my wife was so bored that we picked another movie, The Red Sneakers which was free. It was laughably bad. The next day I finished watching August Rush. Two bad movies for $4.99. If we went out to the theater, if would have cost us $25.00 per movie including snacks to see one bad movie!

#3. I refuse to vote. I'll watch, but I don't care enough to vote.

#4 I almost gave up our landline until my wife converted it to her business line.

#5 Not surprising, I suppose. And the other 52% is spent on Apples and other fresh fruit?

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