Monday, May 26, 2008

Female Fun Facts

From my email:

Volume 2 Issue 5
May 22, 2008

One in three middle and high school girls participate in organized sports, up from one in 27 in 1972, according to the University of Minnesota's Tucker Center For Research On Girls & Women.


More than 15 million women in the U.S. write blogs, and 36 million women write and/or read blogs monthly, say BlogHer and Compass Partners. Regardless of age, their primary subject is "their lives."

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Teen girls who do not have a TV in their bedroom eat more fruit and vegetables, drink less soda and eat with their families more often than those who do have TVs in their bedrooms, reports medical journal Pediatrics.


MySpace is the hottest brand among Hispanic women aged 14-24, outpacing McDonald's, MTV, Nike and other long-standing national brands, reports Intelligence Group.


49% of women 24-49 sacrifice sleep as a primary time-management strategy, according to Unity Marketing research for Marie Claire.

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