Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Appeal to Women Shoppers

What matters more, the relationship or the price.? Well somethings aren't black and white, they are shades of gray. Read more ...

The Shift Toward Low, Low Prices

Michele Miller.jpgBy Michele Miller, Wizard of Ads Partner

"Those businesses that succeed in the long run will be the forward-thinkers who walk the tightrope of low prices and excellent customer experience."

The recently-released “2008 Customer Focus” study conducted by marketing firm Vertis shows that amongst women who are “chief shoppers” (responsible for more than 60 percent of household grocery shopping), nearly half (48 percent) say that low prices, advertised specials, and store coupons are the most important thing when it comes to choosing a grocery store.

By contrast, only 30 percent of men consider low prices to be a top reason – convenience and proximity rate higher, at 41 percent.

In the past, I would have found these statistics on women a little hard to swallow. If we’re talking about marketing to women, isn’t creating a relationship the most important thing? Aren’t you supposed to work hard to connect with the right side of the female brain, which is all about bonding? Shouldn’t it be all about the “experience” you’re giving your customer?

Well… yes and no.

With headlines that shout the latest news on failing mortgage companies, record-setting oil prices and the dreaded R-Word, it’s obvious that we’re settling in for a bumpy ride on the big yellow economy bus.

People have less money to spend, but more choices than ever about where to spend it (thank you, Internet!). So, when push comes to shove and people are tightening their belts, low prices are going be in the driver’s seat.

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