Sunday, January 20, 2008

When is a brand bad?

Laura Ries who is the daughter of Al Ries, who along with Jack Trout, wrote about marketing and branding and Positioning, has a blog on Branding that you can subscribe to like I do. Here's an excerpt of what she wrote recently:

After a brand overhaul that was two years in the making, Xerox unveiled a new look last week. Xerox worked with Interbrand to modernize its brand to reflect its expansion beyond copiers. In other words to show that “Xerox is not your father’s Xerox anymore.”

Xerox built one of the most powerful and most recognizable brand names in the world. Let’s take a look at the early history of the company to see how being first and two wise name changes were integral to its success. (READ MORE)

Also in my email this week on the subject of branding was this good/bad list:

What Works,
What Doesn't

Brand extensions that hit the target:

Newman's Own wines

PetSmart's Pet Hotel

Disney wedding gowns

Martha Stewart's vintage products

ASPCA's pet travel, safety products

Food Network's kitchenware products

Curves cereal

The Smithsonian's home furniture collection

Iams Pet Insurance

Ideas that missed the mark:

Precious Moments' urns and caskets

Disney's Party Fizz

Humane Society's Dog Lovers Wine Club

Danny DeVito Limoncello

Source: TippingSprung

And to complete this post on brands is this story from Media Post:

Brand Extension Needs To Fit Product, Service Mission
by Aaron Baar
[Research] The "incredibly careful stewardship" of the brand has allowed Newman's Own to be accepted on products as wide ranging as dog food, microwave popcorn and wine, says TippingSprung's president. "It could well be the only brand able to do that." - Read the whole story...

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