Sunday, March 06, 2011

Those Damn Cookies

My sweet tooth is satisfied by the occasional White Mocha coffee drink.

Occasional for me is a couple times a week. Or more. But never daily. Not anymore at least.

What's your weakness?

Michele Miller wrote this a few days ago:

How The Girl Scouts Are Forcing You To Buy Cookies… And Make You Like It

Posted: 01 Mar 2011 10:36 AM PST

The other day, I approached my favorite local grocer and spotted a table placed strategically between the entrance and exit doors. I could see four young girls with two mothers, and a dozen cardboard cartons.

That’s right. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time.

Now, who can resist the coconutty yumminess of Samoas, or the refreshing, chocolately goodness of Thin Mints, not to mention the rest of the flavorful bunch?

As it turns out, more and more people are trying to, because of dietary concerns or health issues.

But the Girl Scouts have come up with an absolutely beautiful methodology for overcoming objections to purchase.

This is what I overheard:

“Would you like to buy a box or two of Girl Scout cookies?”

“No. My husband and I are on a diet.”

“Okay. Well, guess what? You can still buy a box and donate it to our troops overseas. How would you like to buy a box for our soldiers?”

These Girl Scouts are smooooooooooth.

This is a terrific example of thinking beyond your organization in order to overcome objections and make the sale.

I bought two boxes of Thin Mints. One box is headed overseas as I write. The other? I can’t tell you, because if my husband finds out where I hid them, they’ll be gone in five minutes.

By the way, these Girl Scouts are increasingly tech savvy. Check out this website for the NorCal Girl Scouts – they’ve created the “Free Cookie Mobile Locator App” for your Android or iPhone. Cookies on demand, no pre-ordering necessary.

You, my friend, are doomed.

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