Friday, March 11, 2011


7 days a week at 6am, I share with you a sales tip.

Here's why:

Daily Sales Tip: Out-Read Your Competition

Sales articles are one of the best ways to acquire new and creative ideas you can use to grow your business.

Here's a dirty little secret that you can take to the bank: Most professional salespeople and entrepreneurs are way too busy multi-tasking to invest adequate time to read and digest the pearls of wisdom found in a well-written article.

You can find sales articles everywhere. Just type a key phrase into the Google search bar; for example, "Closing The Sale," and see how many resources you find. What you'll find is 4,440,000 links.

Whether you get your articles online (always print them) or from another source -- save them after you read them.

Create manila file folders for your sales articles and create file labels for important sales related topics such as closing the sale, proposals, time management, negotiating, goal-setting, communication skills, etc.

Imagine filling up these file folders with relevant and street-smart sales articles. Articles that you've read and your competitors haven't read. Now -- who has the advantage?

One of the best ways to outsmart your competition is to read more than they do. Invest as little as 15 minutes every day and you'll outsell your competition every day of the week.

The more you read, the more sales wisdom you'll gain, and the more selling resources you'll have access to.

Source: Sales author/trainer Jim Meisenheimer

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