Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ignoring the Ads?

It all depends on the media....

Banner Blindness

Americans look at websites and mentally are blocking out the ads. An AdweekMedia/Harris Poll shows some 63% of consumers say they tend to ignore or disregard all Internet ads. Among this group, 43% say they don't pay attention to banner ads and 20% ignore search ads.
By comparison, only 7% of Americans said they ignore or disregard radio ads.

Overall, almost all Americans say they ignore some ads -- 91%.

Looking at the Internet space, men and women ignore ads at about the same levels -- 42% for men; 45% for women.

When it comes to education, 46% of those who have some college and those who are college graduates say they ignore banner ads, compared to just 40% of those who have a high school degree or less.

(Source: RAB, from reports in Media Daily News, 12/03/10)

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