Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was in a seminar this week where the guy at the end was joking when he said something like, "I'll chase you down if you leave this room without buying something today".

I understand passion.


Daily Sales Tip: Do You Use a 'Guilt Trip' Sales Pitch?

When you make me feel bad for not buying your widget you might generate short-term revenue, but I will quickly avoid you at all costs.

Heck. Even if you are trying to buy me coffee or something nice like that, I don't want to risk hearing you give me a sob story about not hitting your quota or how bad business is.

I don't care. OK. Let me restate that. I do care. And if I can help you I will. Seriously.

Better yet, if you have a product that I want to buy I will do that -- and probably not argue with you about the cost.

But when you make me feel badly -- that's just not cool. It's costing you revenue and referrals (which might be the more valuable of the two).

Source: Sales strategist Dan Waldschmidt

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