Thursday, March 31, 2011


from Labov & Beyond:

Out with the old

One of your best salespeople is leaving. You just found out a longtime customer is now doing business with your competitor. You don’t agree with a change a manufacturer has made to a product you’ve been selling for years.

These are the kinds of trials that give change a bad name. You can sit around and lament about your bad luck, think back to the good ole days or decide what, if anything, you can do about your situation.

For us pessimists this is a hard thing to do, but you could also consider there might be a bright side to the situation.

Maybe you’ll find a salesperson who’s even better than the one you lost. Maybe that customer wasn’t doing you any favors if you’d done everything you could to make him happy, but he still wasn’t satisfied or appreciative. Maybe you should give that product change a chance before you write it off.

It’s hard to think of the positive when a seemingly negative change is staring you in the face, but just consider it might be a blessing in disguise.

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