Tuesday, January 04, 2011

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by Karlene Lukovitz
Premised on the question and answer "What Are You Drinkin'? I'm Drinkin' Dunkin'," the campaign features "everyday Joes" -- that is, real Dunkin' fans -- who were chosen through open casting calls during November 2010. While hot coffee is the main thrust, one spot will focus on iced coffee. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
Consumer Reports has some dour news for Ford's Edge and sibling Lincoln MKX. Same story for Chevrolet Tahoe. The brands all scored too low to get a "Recommended" rating from the magazine. For the February issue, the company tested six midsized, midsized luxury, and large luxury SUVs. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
The latest survey from Staples says that 60% of small-business owners admit that they spend more time holding their phones than they do the hands of their loved ones. But the good news is that the majority of them feel technology also gives them the freedom to go home more, and better equips them to juggle work and family. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
Regardless of whether marketing is in-language or not, if it's relevant it will have a more significant influence on Hispanics than non-Hispanics. "While non-Hispanics may tend to look at interactive advertising as intrusive, Hispanics seem to be appreciative of the brands that are trying to reach out to them," per the comScore study. ...Read the whole story >>
Packaged Goods
by Tanya Irwin
The Marcal Small Steps brand is based on the philosophy that small actions can make a major environmental impact, says MJ Jolda, senior vice president of marketing at Marcal Small Steps, who tells Marketing Daily: "It may seem insignificant, but even the everyday decision of choosing a recycled brand of toilet paper or paper towel is actually very important." ...Read the whole story >>
by Aaron Baar
"What we've seen is a large array of content become available for connected television," Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD, tells Marketing Daily. "Even though more could be done to ease the set-up process, [Internet connected TV] isn't as big an ecosystem [challenge] as the one 3D TV faces." ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
Rather than attempt to one-up those videos/commercials -- which are still generating views and viral action a year and a half after their debut (14 million views of the U.S. version and nearly 32.6 million of the international version to date) -- Evian continues to build on their popularity. ...Read the whole story >>

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