Friday, January 07, 2011

Social Stuff

Two things I want to share with you this Friday morning....

1. A friend of mine here in Fort Wayne Indiana, Andrew Hoffman invited me to speak to a class he is teaching at nearly Huntington University. It is a really cool class, introducing a handful of college students to the world of Social Media, 2 hours a day for 2 weeks.

Andrew is a real professional. He is giving back to the college he graduated from by leading this J-Term class. His background is in the advertising world and yet he walked away from that world to take over as the Executive Director of Neighbor Link.

Andrew has tapped several folks to spend an hour of their time to speak to his students. I'll be there next Thursday with an interactive presentation I'm creating on Personal Branding.

One of the really cool things that Andrew is doing is putting the information from the class online with a Facebook page, and also a blog that I have been following. You are invited to interact with Andrew and his students on Twitter too.

Check it out here:

2. The other "Social Stuff" that I want to share with you is a new project I started about a week ago. I created another blog, ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure which is updated weekdays at noon.

Why does the world need another blog talking about Social Media? Because most of the websites and blogs I have found are:

  • Too Technical
  • Too One Sided
  • Trying to get Your Money by Selling you Something
  • Written by People who are paid full time Social Media people
  • Don't take you through some of the basics
  • Really not that good
In 2004 I launched my first blog and forgot about it, then a year later started again, made plenty of mistakes and found some methods that are working.

My Social Media activities are not my main profession and sourse of income. Odds are that it is not yours either, but perhaps you have been asked to "Do that Social Media Thing" by your boss, your brother, your mother, or none of the above.

My perspective is based on my 30+ years in advertising, marketing, traditional media and sales.
I use Social Media to create my own unique identity in that world, or as some might say, my Personal Brand.

Social Media is a communication tool for me and quite frankly, I'm amazed by it and my own successes.

What ever your situation, you are invited to join me on ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure. Click here to go there, and you might want to scroll down to the introduction if you wonder what it's all about.

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1 comment:

Andrew said...

Thanks for the props and kind words. Looking forward to having you join us and blow the students away with the brand that is ScLoHo!