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Goals for 2011


Setting Your 2011 Goals
by Jeremy Jacobs
Over the holiday period you will no doubt be receiving and reading missives telling you how to achieve your goals in 2011 or similar. Not to be confused with your purpose in life, goals are different. A popular method of deciding what and how your 2011 goals are going to work is doing them the SMART way, like so:

S stands for Specific: Your goal(s) must be specific. Putting it another way, they ought to highlight the end result that your want. Instead of "I want to be a top salesman", write something like," I want to increase my sales by 15% over the next 12 months".
M stands for Measurable: Will your goals be measurable? In the case of sales targets, the answer is clearly a "yes". Being a nicer person, kinder to animals and your close family members would be harder to measure.

A stands for Achievable: The next important factor to setting your goals is that they must be achievable. For example, a goals which says "I want to travel to all five continents this coming year" is fine if you're a millionaire, free of responsibilities but not for the rest of us who either have a family, a job, and so on. Even that objective is hard if you're afraid of flying!

R stands for Realistic: This leads into the next point. Are your goals realistic? Realistic goals are objectives that are not beyond your capability but do stretch you. Going from being an accounts clerk to an airline pilot in 4 years may be possible but highly unlikely. Choose goals that are within reach of your attainment.

T for Time-related: The final part for achieving goals is that they are time related. Putting it another way, it's not simply enough to state, "improve customer satisfaction by 20%," it's "improve customer satisfaction by 20% by January next year"..

Jeremy Jacobs is one of the UK's leading corporate presenters and event hosts. He speaks frequently to an eclectic client list on topics such as effective communication, cold calling and social media. For more information visit:

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