Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook Friends vs. Twiiter Tweeps

This is a follow up to a survey that I conducted earlier this month.

On December 14th, I shared the results of a survey I conducted about people who use Twitter.

You can read what I wrote here:

The first survey was shared only on Twitter. A few people (Tweeps, as people on Twitter are sometimes affectionately known) commented and a local University asked if I would also be doing a survey of Facebook Users.

Sure, I said to the folks at the University of Saint Francis. Also on Twitter:

So I created a nearly identical survey and only sent it out via Facebook.

Please realize that this is not a scientific survey, there was no "Control Group", however there was a safeguard that only allowed a person to take each survey only one time, unlike American Idol where you can vote as many times as you can get through!

This is a snapshot taken in December 2010, sent to the 1200 people who are listed as my followers on Twitter, and 600 people who are friends on Facebook.

Now that I've given you the disclaimers, let's compare...

My theory was that People who Tweet are smarter than People who use Facebook. And one way to test this was to compare which internet browser they used.
UPDATE: Let's amend this to say "More Internet Savvy" instead of the generic "Smarter".

Ever since the days of Windows 95 from Bill Gates and Microsoft became the standard for personal computing 15 years ago for most of the general public, we've had a big blue "E" on our computers which we would click and connect to the internet.

The last few years the dominance of Internet Explorer was dwindled, with the rise of alternative Internet Browsers and the reluctance of "Smart People" to trust Microsoft and/or their Browser.

1st Question:
Which Internet Browser is your favorite?

The Facebook answer:

And the Twitter answer:

Now, I am going to make the Big, Bold, Brash statement that people who use Explorer are dumb.

UPDATE: Let's amend this to say "LessInternet Savvy" instead of the generic "Dumb".

Not about everything, mind you, but at least when it comes to computer usage, using Explorer instead of the other options, (that are FREE) isn't very wise.

21% compared to nearly 4% gives Tweeps an edge in my book.

2nd Question:
What other Internet Browsers do you use?

Facebook answer:

Twitter answer:

What I notice most is the use of Chrome is much higher with Tweeps than their Facebook counterparts.

50% vs. nearly 13%.

Chrome was introduced by Google a few years ago and is pretty cutting edge compared to others.

Now, for the Facebook survey, I decided that I better ask an extra question, that I did not ask on the Twitter Survey:

3rd Question:
Do you also have and use Twitter?

Facebook (only) answer:

From my experience, the most important answer is the second line which shows that less than 10% are using Twitter at least once a day.

My experience with Twitter is any less that once a day is irrelevant. You are not using Twitter, you are playing with Twitter and deciding if it is worthy of your time. And your level of commitment is so low, you'll never really know unless you step up your activity.

4th Question:
Feel free to add your thoughts...

Facebook answer:

Twitter answer:

Now that you've seen the results and my commentary, feel free to add your own two cents in the comments.

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