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December 21st , 2010 We Speak Sales!
How Pablo Picasso
Established Value

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Coming to the end of any year takes courage.

I'm not talking about the courage to fight crowds, plan menus, travel or sit down to dinner with relatives you only see once a year.

I'm talking about the courage it takes to make an honest assessment of where your life is heading and make course corrections for the coming year.

It's sometimes comfortable to stay on the path you're on...until you reach the destination. The path to personal power and fulfillment has more obstacles and is harder to travel. However, it will take you to where you want to be.

Resolve to travel a rewarding path in the coming year.

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How Pablo Picasso Established Value
by Jim Meisenheimer
The price objection always comes up when I'm doing an in-house corporate sales training program. I always ask the group this question, "What are the biggest challenges you face in growing your business?" They always say the price objection.

Within ten nanoseconds, someone raises his hand and says, "The price objection."

It never fails.

Is this how you feel? Do you find it difficult and aggravating to defend your price on a daily basis?

There is a better way. Why defend your price when you can explain your value?

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