Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 ways

to beat your competition from a weekly newsletter I get from Jim:

Here are 3 ways to outsell your competitors. The one thing you never want to do is exactly what the competition is doing because it does nothing to differentiate you.

1. Know more! Don't under-estimate the importance of this one. You'll definitely outsell your competitors if you know more than they do.

You need to know more about your sales prospects and customers,you can do this with Google's help -

You need to know more about your company, and you obviously need to know more about your products.

You also need to know more about business. Reading the Wall Street Journal is a good way to do this. You also need to know more about salesmanship or the art of selling.

Go to your personal library, I hope you have one, and count up the number of books you own on the subject of "Selling."

Sure, I know you're already overloaded with things to do, and finding time to learn more about some of these things just doesn't seem practical or even possible to you.

But remember this. We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge, according to Rutherford D. Rogers.

Invest 15 minutes every day acquiring knowledge.

2. Work harder! Look, I'm a great believer in the concept of simplicity works best.

Yes I'm encouraging you to work harder, but I want you to do it in a smart way.

For example, just make one additional quality sales call every week. When you make 50 additional sales calls a year it will have a positive and high impact on your selling results.

When you're preparing a sales proposal for a big deal, do everything you can to make it the best sales proposal you ever prepared. How do you do this? Work harder and ask "How can I do it better?"

You keep asking, "How can I do it better" every day and guess what happens? Yup, you'll start doing everything better.

Manage your time the way you manage your checkbook.

3. Emphasize benefits! I just leased a new car. During the last 60 days I visited five different auto dealerships.

Here's what I like most about that experience. I liked it when the auto salespeople told me, "This is what I like."

They have it all wrong. I'm not planning to lease a car because of something the salesperson likes.

The salesperson should find out what I like. And, instead of talking about the product features, talk to Jim Meisenheimer about how Jim Meisenheimer would benefit from certain features of the new car.

Here's a pretty good sales tip for you to take to the bank.

Use these words to introduce your product's benefits:

Which means . . .

It enables . . .

It permits . . .

It allows . . .

It creates . . .

FYI - if you're not using these words on a daily basis, there's a 97.5% probability you're not providing your sales prospects and customers with benefits.

I expect you'll be able to improve your sales effectiveness and selling results as soon as you employ these 3 ways to outsell competitors.

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