Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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elling Baby Carrots As The Perfect 'Junk Food'

by Karlene Lukovitz
The integrated TV, online/social media and outdoor branding campaign supports new packages that look more like chip bags than veggie bags and carry the "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food" tagline, as well as school vending machines installed next to those of traditional snack brands. ...Read the whole story >>
by Aaron Baar
The company and the agency are deepening the connection to the game, offering up many of the vases, lamps, bowls and other decorative objects that were trashed in the shoot for sale on eBay. "It's a part of a trend to have a little piece of memorabilia that comes with something that you like," says Heat's John Elder. "Movies are doing it, TV shows are auctioning things off, we figured why not a commercial?" ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
The show, via web video company Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) and actor Seth Green, follows a 20-something, L.A.-based man whose daily pursuits -- what he wears and eats, where he works and whom he dates -- will be determined by audience voting. The guy will drive a Fiesta and, since Sprint Nextel is also a sponsor, use a Nextel smartphone. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
While it's certainly no emblem of marketing sophistication, Life is good's happy logo is familiar to optimists everywhere. Since its start selling t-shirts in dorms and at street fairs, brothers Bert and John Jacobs have turned the trademark smiley face into a $100 million business. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
The effort includes Spanish TV spots shot as short documentaries showing Toyota street teams handing out the decals in target cities in the U.S. In the ads, people put the decals on things like cars, bicycles, and food trucks, or whatever transit they have when they show up for the decals. ...Read the whole story >>
by Tanya Irwin
Hain Celestial Group's Earth's Best is marking its 25th anniversary by sponsoring thousands of Playdate Parties nationwide. Qualifying parents will receive product samples and coupons valued at up to $90 from the Melville, N.Y.-based company as well as planning tips to host their party for up to nine guests. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
The integration of online and offline marketing data will enable levels of targeting never before possible. But to get there, marketers and their suppliers will need to overcome data infrastructure, quality and privacy challenges, points out a new white paper from the Winterberry Group, Acxiom and Netezza. ...Read the whole story >>

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