Monday, September 06, 2010

The People

On this Labor Day, remember you can do everything right, but if your people skills are lacking...

Daily Sales Tip: Try the Meatballs

A restaurant in our neighborhood failed. Bad location? Bad food? Bad service? I don't know. It went out before we ate there.

The building owner put in a new restaurant operator. I'm thinking this restaurant probably won't make it either, but my wife and I stopped in to see what it was like.

We were greeted by big smiles from everyone on the staff. They acted like we were old friends. They joked, took time to stop by the table and chat for a moment, and they explained how they came upon their recipes ("You know those famous meatballs at Marcella's? We make ours like that, but perfected them.")

The food was good, but the most memorable element was the way we were welcomed.

We all have our favorite stories of superior service. Apply those to the way you do business. Does everyone on your staff treat clients with welcoming smiles and a sincere interest in them? I mean everybody -- receptionist, assistants, personalities, production, promotion, accounting, sales, and managers. A friendly staff at your station will create the atmosphere for clients to want to do business with you.

Yes, my wife and I have been back to the restaurant several times because of the welcoming staff and the meatballs. Welcome your clients and they'll be back, too.

Source: John Potter, VP/Training, Radio Advertising Bureau

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